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BC796DGV & BC296DGV Digital Ready Scanner from 1-800-USA-SCAN

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Our federal duty desk is open 24 hours during the holidays for US State and Federal Government clients calling from the 710 area code or using a CEI priority PIN access number.

CEI Homeland Security Grants currently available only to First Responders, Public Health, NATO affiliated military, participants in the CEI NS/EP mission and licensed amateur radio operators in the United States, US Territories and Canada. Fax proof of affiliation to +1-734-663-8888. Click here for details.

Communications Electronics, Emergency Operations Center is a participating agency with Michigan Urban Search and Rescue (MUSAR). For more information on Urban Search and Rescue Teams, visit the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue or the Michigan Urban Search and Rescue web site. CEI has a continuing responsibility to provide a responsive National Security and Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) service. Accordingly, priority is given to orders needed for NS/EP functions. For efficient provisioning or restoration of NS/EP services, all orders should be placed on-line by clicking on "click to order." In the comment section, specify if your order is for one of five criteria categories receiving priority in the CEI NS/EP mission. These categories are, a) National Security Leadership, b) National Security Posture and US Population Attack Warning, c) Public Health, Safety, and Maintenance of Law and Order, d) Public Welfare and Maintenance of National Economic Posture or e) Disaster Recovery.

Communications Electronics North American Dealer News:

Electronics Giant to Sell Software to Customize Monitoring Experience

Firefighter/Paramedic Ken Ascher, Communications Electronics Chairman & CEO is holding the end of the fire nozzle while working to extinguish a structure fire.  Ham operators know Ken at callsign WB8LIT.

By: Ken Ascher - Editorial Director

(Detroit, MI) – If you are a frequent flyer, you shoud consider carrying your Bearcat scanner with you while you travel. Having a Bearcat scanner with you is also handy when there has been a security breach at your airport as you can monitor law enforcement agencies responding to the incident. The man arrested in the Christmas incident, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, had been in a government terrorist database with about 550,000 other terror suspects since late November. But officials said the government did not have enough information to put him on the no-fly list. Just before arrival in Detroit during Christmas, 2009, authorities say Abdulmutallab tried to bring down Northwest Flight 253 by igniting explosives concealed in his underwear, but the material failed to detonate, causing only a small fire. Passengers put out the fire and restrained Abdulmutallab. A U.S. intelligence official said the government had moved the names of dozens of people onto its terrorism watch list and its no-fly list after reviewing the government's database of suspected terrorists.

If a war, riot, or other civil unrest occurred in your area of jurisdiction, do you have immediate access to the internet so you have check we sites like the US Department of State for travel warnings? We recommend haing immediate access to a radio scanner so you will know official information useful for an evacuation from a country. Click here for more information on your personal and business preparedness plans.

Introducing, new digital ready scanners...Over the last six months, Communications Electronics account executives have received many client requests for digital scanners featuring C4FM and Compatible Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying (CQPSK) compatibility. Due to public safety radio system upgrades, users in the following areas must use a radio scanner capable of CQPSK compatibility. These radio systems are located in many cities across North America. In Arizona, new CQPSK systems are in Mesa, Phoenix and Tucson. In Minnesota, new CQPSK systems are in the counties of Carver and Hennepin, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and many other areas throughout the state of Minnesota. In Texas, you'll find new systems in the counties of Austin and Travis and in Ohio, Hamilton County. In addition scanner users in Michigan, and Colorado, will need scanners capable of 9,600 BPS for successful monitoring.

Firefighter and Paramedic, Ken Ascher, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Communications Electronics (holding the end of the fire nozzle) said, "these new Uniden scanners will give our government and defense clients new methods of meeting their homeland security requirements while keeping their budgets in line. Even the retail packaging looks great. Check out a photo I took (at the top of this page) of the new BC296DGV and BC796D scanner display cartons during a recent factory meeting. At this meeting we discussed new product designs of many future Uniden Bearcat scanner products from now through Christmas 2005 (the radio on the right is the new BCT8). As a ham operator, call sign WB8LIT, I'm excited about the future design of many new Bearcat scanner and Uniden consumer electronic products. As more and more cities and townships migrate to the APCO 25 digital standard, it's essential that Communications Electronics continue to offer many interoperability solutions for Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services. I was impressed that the size of the Bearcat 296DGV easily fits in the upper pocket of my firefighting gear. My Bearcat handheld scanner is always with me while being safely protected in my fire coat when I'm on-scene. No matter what the emergency incident, medical, fire or search and rescue, it's wonderful to know I have improved agency interoperability when using my Bearcat digital ready radio scanner."

To order Uniden products, visit the Communications Electronics web site at or call 1-800-USA-SCAN in North America. Outside North America call +1-734-996-8888. Check out the owners manuals for the new scanners on the CEI web site.

Uniden America Corporation, the North American subsidiary of Japan based Uniden Corporation, manufactures and markets wireless consumer electronic products including cordless telephones, business telecommunications systems, multimedia communications devices, scanner radios, CB radios, FRS, Marine radios and other wireless personal communications products. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Uniden sells their products through master distributors like Communications Electronics who distributes to clients across North, Central and South America. Ken Ascher, Chairman & CEO of Communications Electronics says, "although the price has not been finalized, like any new, unreleased product, clients can make their reservations now by visiting the CEI web page at and clicking on click to order. Fill out the order form with the quantity you want to order. In the price column, enter "TBD" which is an abbreviation for "to be determined." For almost 35 years at CEI, there is no deposit necessary to reserve any new Uniden scanner product. In fact, Chairman Ascher cautions customers about paying dealers a deposit. In this economy, some dealers have gone out of business and CEI can not be responsible for deposits given to other distributors or dealers. The sooner CEI receives your reservation, the sooner CEI can deliver your merchandise. Reserve your new Bearcat digital scanner at no obligation today by clicking on "click to order" on the upper right side of this web page.

Reserve your new BCD396T Trunktracker IV on-line today

Due to product allocations, Distributors and Dealers are encouraged to place their orders now with their CEI account executives. To avoid disappointing your customers, your commercial order must be placed on or before the 5th of each month to reserve inventory for your store. Be sure to meet with your CEI account executive regarding new Uniden products introduced at the Winter Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

Distributors and Dealers enrolled in the CEI 100K or 50K programs must have their product forecasts requirements on file with their CEI account executives by January 5, 2004 for product allocation for the 1st quarter, 2008. Forecasts which are received after this date may not get all the Uniden products they need for their customers.

Uniden America Corporation, the North American subsidiary of Uniden Corporation Japan, manufactures and markets wireless consumer electronics products. Uniden America’s product offerings include cordless telephones and other personal communications devices. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Uniden America sells its products through distributors like Communications Electronics, Emergency Operations Center throughout North, Central and South America. CEI is a contracted master distributor for Uniden and also provides emergency communications equipment, engineering design and global logistics solutions to government and dealers worldwide from their headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ascher says, “many frequently asked questions will be answered by simply reading the information at the CEI web site. After specifications are finalized, additional information regarding our new product offerings will be placed on the CEI NEWS web page. Stay in touch by joining the CEI USASCAN mailing list by clicking on Please remember that information regarding new products may be found on the CEI web site months ahead of Uniden product support receiving this information, therefore customer support will not have additional information on these future product until the product is distributed to CEI dealers. Also remember, specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Communications Electronics is not responsible for electronic or mechanical failures which may impede the CEI E-Values online ordering or e-mail process. Refer to the Usage Agreement. Promo reference code: CEI E-VALUE  91, 92, 93, 94,  101, 102, 103, 104, 105A, 106, 107, 108. 109, 110, 111, 112, 113.

CEI Dealers ...your CEI inside sales executive is your best source for official factory information on new products. Be sure to make your reservations for your private showing of these new products at Communications Electronics World Headquarters in Ann Arbor or at the 2003 Winter Consumer Electronics Show. Contact CEI Travel for your flight scheduling and motel reservations during your visit. If your dealership was not on credit hold, you should have received up everything you ordered within three days or less in Canada, North America and Europe as all current model radio scanners are in stock. There is no excuse for your store being out of stock on any Uniden scanner product. Dealers are urged to keep at least 18 scanners in stock to serve their customers at all times. Remember CEI Global Logistics takes no holiday. If you need emergency shipments of CEI products such as a case of RELM public safety transceivers over a holiday weekend, our Best Flight Same day expedited air service can deliver CEI products around the clock and around the world. Customers requesting an extra copy of the BC245XLT or BC780XLT owners manual can get their copy by visiting the CEI web site at and clicking on the link for the owners manuals.

E-mail or fax your CEI dealer inventory and sales forecast by the 6th of each month to your account executive. If you store is purchasing more than $40,000 in Uniden product per month from CEI, be sure your retail store is listed on the Uniden retailer locator line at 1-800-297-1023, option 5. When you help your  customers find your store and store phone number, you’ll make more sales of Uniden products. If your store listing on the Uniden retailer locator line needs updating because of an area code change, contact your CEI account executive.

Communications Electronics offers a CEI Preferred Dealer Program. The program is designed to award our supporting dealers with added discount structures. Any qualified CEI dealer in the United States who purchases $6,000.00 US per quarter qualifies for end column pricing for all CEI purchases for the remainder of that calendar quarter and the following quarter. Once a dealer purchases $6,000 during a quarter, they then qualify for an additional 3% discount from end column for the remainder of that quarter and the following quarter. Once a dealer purchases $10,000 during a quarter, they qualify for an additional 4% discount from end column. Discounts apply to radios and accessories. Calendar quarters end 3-31, 6-30, 9-30 and 12-31. CEI Preferred Dealers will  be eligible to receive a quantity purchasing rebate provided that: 1) account has been kept on a current basis throughout the quarter; 2) no unauthorized deductions were taken, and there are no unresolved charge backs outstanding; 3) program obligations have been met. CEI reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time. Backorders do not qualify for this program.

As always, new products are allocated only to dealers who have placed advance orders for immediate shipment and who are not on credit hold. Make your forecast now for the quantities you want to order on new models:  BC296DGV, BC796DGV, BCT8, BC350C. For all new models, awaiting final approval from the FCC, we’re obliged to include the following notice: This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained. Accordingly, waiting list reservations and orders cannot be accepted and processed until authorization is obtained.

For our United States customers under federal sponsorship, CEI has specialized products in stock for your national security communications needs. To obtain these products, your federal sponsor must be a U.S. Department or Agency that vouches for a non-federal customer´s need for CEI special products. United States Federal command authorities are the only persons who may sign the sponsorship form. Contact Communications Electronics Inc., Government and Defense Communications Products, Mail Stop 99WB3069, PO Box 1045, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106-1045 USA on your letterhead with your specific requirements.


Effective December 1, 2007, there is no United States mail service to the following countries:

Papua New Guinea (Bougainville Only)
Sierra Leone
Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro)

Restricted U.S. Mail Service in the following countries:

Ascension Islands

Airmail – Parcels


Express Mail
International Priority Airmail


Surface Mail – Parcels


Surface Mail

Congo, Democratic Republic of

Express Mail
International Priority Airmail


Airmail – Parcels
Surface Mail – Parcels

Falkland Islands

Airmail – Parcels

Indonesia – East Timor

Airmail – Letters – Some Restrictions; No Parcels
Surface Mail


Express Mail – Some Restrictions, No scanners or merchandise
Airmail – Some Restrictions on Letters and Merchandise; No Parcels
International Priority Airmail – Some Restrictions
Surface Mail


Surface Mail

North Korea

Airmail – Parcels
Surface Mail – Parcels

CEI reminds dealers in Egypt that all of our radio products with computer software such as a computer diskette or CD-ROM will be sent directly from Egypt customs to your country censor prior to clearance. The Egyptian authorities typically take four to seven additional days for package clearance. CEI also has reestablished air freight into Turkmenistan but all service to and from Myanmar (formerly Burma) has been discontinued. For all customers outside the United States, to clear customs, your shipment should include your tax identification number. When you place your order to CEI, be sure to include your countries tax identification number. All invoices for merchandise accompanying shipments to Colombia, Peru and Vietnam will be only in U.S. dollars for valuation of duties and taxes by customs authorities in those nations.

UPS Service has been restored to Washington, D.C., but deliveries continue to be limited in parts of Manhattan. All Communications Electronics packages scheduled for air or interstate shipment are packed using material designed to make our parcels easy to inspect using X-ray by the Department of Transportation or Federal Aviation Administration prior to being loaded aboard aircraft or other transportation. Federal, state, local government and other authorized clients using the Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) to contact CEI are reminded to have your telephone and facsimile number(s) preregistered with CEI. All calls to CEI are automatically identified and prioritized to your point of contact (POC) based on the telephone number used on the origin of your call. If your order is placed from a telephone number not associated with an identified agency or does not use the 710 area code, your call will not automatically receive preferential treatment to services enrolled in the CEI (NS/EP) program unless you also use your CEI assigned PIN with your call. Help CEI help you with your national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) requirements by submitting the telephone numbers you want registered, on your letterhead, to nonsecure fax +1-734-663-8888. If your shipment is critical, CEI offers same day delivery pending FAA flight clearance on in-stock items, using UPS Sonic Air Best Flight.

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